7 Bad Things That Happen To Your Face When You Don’t Moisturise Using Dermology

I suppose that you are not a fan of wrinkles? If this is you, then carry on reading.

We all know that we need to moisturize our skin, but why is it so important? The main reason is that our skin can get dry, but there are other effects that can happen too.

Moisturised face

1. By not moisturizing you are actually increasing the risk of developing wrinkles

Yes, you’ve heard it here. Leaving out the moisturizer in your daily routine could lead to deeper wrinkles later in life.

Dr. Whitney Bowe, Dermatologist says “When your skin barrier is compromised, which is what we see when it becomes dry, there’s actually a low-grade chronic inflammation that occurs in your skin. Low levels of ongoing inflammation ultimately lead to a breakdown of collagen and accelerated aging.”

2. What happens when you don’t moisturize

Wrinkles begin to look worse than they should be. Missing this crucial step in your routine will make any fine lines that you may already have to become deeper.

Having dehydrated skin will show all your fines lines but, when you are using a moisturizing cream this allows your skin to become hydrated and plump as it should be.

3. This happens when you don’t moisturize

The skin becomes dull, flaky and less youthful.

It becomes worse when you go outside in the cold elements too.

Humidity plummets during the winter months and because we have our heating on and the weather being cold this dries up the air and dehydrates the skin.

4. Having dry skin can make acne worse.

Sounds contradictory, but moisturizing is actually your friend especially if you happen to have blemishes. Having dry skin can actually make acne worse.  Do you feel that moisturizing will make you feel greasy then choose a cream that suits your skin type? Try to find a cream that is oil-free, and fragrance-free to use with your daily acne treatment.

Flawless moisturised face5. You can lose a layer of protection

There are many skincare treatments on the market that are rather drying on our skin. When they see this they stop using the treatment and end up losing the benefits of their treatment. This is why by using a good moisturizer along with your treatment cream you’ll be reaping the benefits of having flawless looking skin, especially in later life.t

6. Cracked make-up on you face

Those small lines under your eyes where your concealer creases up, end up looking worse. Actually, by not using a moisturizer as a base coat for makeup to sit on, will make make-up sink into any lines fine or deep as it sticks to your dry skin.

When applying make-up wait at least five minutes before you apply your moisturizer or primer to dry first.

Before applying lipstick, use a lip balm first to moisture your lips and the lipstick will last longer too.

7. Tight, itchy skin

Well kept moisturised faceDo you ever get tight, itchy skin after having a bath or shower? That is how it feels all day long when you have dry dehydrated skin and no skincare routine.

If all these reasons above don’t change your mind in moisturizing I don’t know what will.

But if you would like to try out a good moisturizer that will alleviate all of the above and give you flawless looking skin.

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