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Hi, I’d like to welcome you to my site Sprite Hub. We’re here to teach you tips and strategies for health and wellness.

A little back story about myself. I’m from the United Kingdom and born from Italian parents who came to the UK back in the early 60s. So you can imagine my home life was full of constant family chatter and food being readily available on tap.

This, however, didn’t fill me with joy and aspirations in wanting to be domesticated in one bit. I can honestly say it put me off for life. The thought of having to be a constant host and have to be on hand with the espresso machine on used to fill me with dread and the month of September was one of the worst months ever. It meant that pops was getting ready to make his wine so the garden was filled with crates upon crates of grapes which meant

“aggressive wasps that were ready to sting anyone who got in their way of the grapes…”

The way I was raised has…

Defined the person I have become. As I was growing up in an Italian family, I gradually became fat and I hated it. If I didn’t eat all my food I would find one of my parent’s hand slapping the back of my head so hard that my face landed on the plate.

By the time I reached 16 years old, I’d had enough of being fat and did everything under the sun to lose the weight that my parents had made me gain over the years. I don’t blame them they just didn’t want me to go hungry as they did during the war.

But it is my fault for allowing the behaviour around food to get in my way of happiness.

Around the age of 16 was when I became interested in nutrition, health, and wellness.

However, the internet hadn’t been invented yet so information was so difficult to come by without shelling out a fortune of money that I didn’t have. So I learned as I went, made plenty of mistakes and very bad choices.

Throughout the years I have struggled with my weight, as it really isn’t easy when your mouth is savouring the taste of sugar and fats mixed together but your head is saying NO it’s not healthy for you.

You can guess what happened can’t you, I would overeat one day, under-eat the next and exercise like crazy every day 7 days a week and at times twice a day. Now that was excessive!

  • Yes I lost the weight
  • Did I look healthy – probably not, I look back now at the photos and see lollipop head
  • Did I think I looked good – yes
  • Did all the weight come back on when I stopped what I was doing? Heck YEAH, plus the extra on top.


Now that I’ve reached the grand half-way mark of life and a grandmother of three. I know deep down I’m not happy with my self-image and want to share my journey with you, and in hope that I can give you inspiration in yourself to accept and love yourself and help you become the person you really deserve and want to be.


The goal of Sprite Hub is to open up all the good and warts about myself and share the strategies that help me along the way to health and wellness.

What works and what doesn’t work for me, but it may work for you.

You and I are far too beautiful to be fat forever…

All the best,

Sprite Hub


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  1. Hello Ida,
    Thank you for leaving comment on blog, I can see you had few problems with weight, I guess everybody has a different metabolism and could be a problem for the foods one can eat.
    I am glad you got onto Health & Wellness and you were to find some solutions
    All the best

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