Benefits Of Using A Body Fit Vibration Plate

Benefits Of Using A Body Fit Vibration Plate

According to Dr Mike Moriearty…

The true facts of using a vibration plate machine, that most people do not know about.

I’ve (Sprite Hub) has been using whole-body vibration plate at the gym for a while now, and I loved it so much that I privately hired an instructor to create a complete body fitness workout for me, solely using the vibrating plate.  And the best part is that these vibrating plates have become so affordable that you can have one in your home too, without it getting in the way as big bulky exercise equipment does.

Did you know that cosmonauts are using vibration plates for the astronauts and the professional athletes use them too?

Yes, this is true. But everybody knows this stuff. You can go on the internet and look all you want. But not all people know that it was originated back in 1880 in Michigan where the first machines were developed by Dr John Kellogg, the same man who invented the cornflake.  He was utilizing vibrational-type machines to treat headaches, neck
pain, back pain, swelling in the feet, oedema, peristalsis, types of digestive issues like things that were causing constipation.  And with 10 years of research in this, he found he was getting great results with vibration-type machines.

Vibration Plates Originally Weren’t Designed For Exercise

plates originally weren’t designed for exercise. Dating back from 1880 all the way up until almost 2000, they were originally designed as a medical device to help people recover from sports-related injuries.  The cosmonauts
used it to overcome the zero-gravity effects, bone density loss, muscle wasting. The East Germans and the Soviet Union used it for their Olympic teams.  They used it for strained muscles, hard workouts, reducing the healing time
because it improved the blood flow, things of this nature.

The evolution of whole-body Vibration

The whole body vibration movement evolved well over 100 years, as a medical device– not much exercise equipment then.  You go to the gym.  Actually, its origination– its heritage– is from treating very severe diseases.

There is nothing that you could find in a gym or just buy at a store that’s going to allow you to exercise up to 97% of the muscle fibres.  Traditional workouts, you’re lucky to get 30% to 33%. You’re only working on one muscle-fibre.

Some people might get a little bit more.  Most will get a little bit less.  But nothing can work 97% of muscle fibres.  If you know anything about exercise, the secret to exercise is the more muscle you get involved in an exercise, the more calories you burn, the stronger those muscles get, the more it improves the ligament strengths.

It improves the neurological aspects of it where it becomes a reduce in reflex times, more coordinated, faster eye-hand coordination. This is important. Fact number four– stress– stress affects so many people in America today.

Stress can be monitored in the endocrine system or in the blood by monitoring the cortisol levels. By reducing stress, you start helping with kids.  You help with kids with ADHD, autism. Because the less stress they have, the better they can function.

Conditions that are like Parkinson’s, MS, and things of this nature, reducing the stress reduces the detrimental effects it has over time.

The University of Ohio did research showing by doing three to four 10-minute workouts per week, they were seeing an average of 30% decreases in the cortisol level in the blood.

The Importance Of Knowing What It Is Doing To Us

  • Now, this is important because stress is causing us–
  • you know, we’ve got kids committing suicide.
  • We have people taking all these antidepressants.

People have a poor outlook on life.  By using a vibration plate that can exercise the body,

  • increase the endorphins–
  • the things that make you feel good–
  • reduce the cortisol–
  • the things that make you feel bad–
  • you perform better.

This is very important. People don’t understand this, but exercise, especially with whole-body vibration, because some people that are suffering from severe stress, they don’t have the ability to concentrate in the gym for an hour a day.

What Can A 10-Minute Workout Do For Us

  • A fast, 10-minute workout–
  • they can work 97% of their muscle fibres out–
  • is dramatically changing people that suffer from stress, especially elevated cortisol levels.

There’s a thing called the placebo test. The placebo test is where if you think it’s going to work, there’s a possibility that you will believe it works through mentally convincing yourself.

When you can apply something to an animal that doesn’t know about placebo– it’s not going to mentally think it works– it’s going to show benefits.

Horses Benefit From The Vibration Plates Too

There are millions of dollars invested in horse racing and many years have been exhausted in the breeding for the best and fastest horse that they can have.  By using the vibrational type training after an intense work out the trainers would hook up their horses t the vibrational plate so to help the horse improve its circulation and to heal a lot faster than it normally would, this also enabled the trainer to work the horse a lot harder than it normally could.

This way of training showed that there was a significant increase in the horse’s ability to run faster, perform better, which then meat that the horses trained in this particular way won more races.

The benefits for the breeder is that they earn more money as the horses are winning far more races.  Now the thing you’ve got to take from this is that a horse doesn’t know it’s on a vibration plate.   It can’t mentally think it works.   So when an animal is getting big improvements in its athletic performance by standing on a vibration plate, this is proof because it can be measured. They can measure the output of the horse before and after training

This way of training has been around for well over 120-plus years.

Vibration Plates Were Originally Designed As A Medical Device

For well over 100-plus years, it was used to treat medical conditions, especially sports-related injuries. Number three, it’s the only thing that could work out practically 97% of muscle fibre.

So your workouts become three to four times shorter.  It’s been shown to:-

  • reduce stress,
  • reduce the cortisol,
  • increase the endorphins, makes you feel better, makes you happier.
  • It is also helping children to get better in school.

It’s helping people with neurologic–

  • this is like Parkinson’s and MS– stand, and be able to move, and live normal for a longer period of time.

The vibration plate is also being used on animals, and it’s showing dramatic changes.   It’s showing huge improvements in the output of these high-bred horses and other animals.  That’s proof that whole-body vibration– there’s something there– that this is working.

If you are interested in taking a look at a home vibration plate like the one that I use in my home, take a look at the image below and click it.

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