How To Get Rid Of Weight Gain Due To Menopause

How To Get Rid Of Weight Gain Due To Menopause

Before & After Menopause

Menopause and weight gain.

Have you ever wondered why many women suffer terribly with being peripausal and menopausal? Suffering embarrassment from hot flushes, increase belly fat, and incontinence just naming but a few here.

So many women are constantly searching for the reasons as to why and how to stop it naturally without having to resort to medication, which in turn can lead to many other types of diseases.

But before I begin, Sprite Hub must mention a little disclaimer by law.  Sprite Hub is not a medically trained doctor or nutritionist or fitness expert and we definitely do not recommend that you take our advice before seeing your own doctor. And never stop taking your medication that the doctor has prescribed you before speaking to them.

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Now I have that bit out of the way, let me begin.

Stress and its symptoms

There are two main reasons as to why women around peripausal and menopausal tend to have these problems and the main reason is your hormones, but you probably already knew this, what you’re asking is how can you stop the symptoms naturally.

Let me begin by explaining, a few things first of all. As we go through our lives the estrogen that our body produces begins to decrease and this allows the follicle-stimulating hormone, to increase. In turn, the follicle-stimulating hormone is linked to actively create the body to produce belly fat.

The other hormone that is linked to the symptoms is progesterone, as you entre into peripause and the menopause this hormone progesterone begins to decrease a little too. With the decrease of progesterone in the body, you end up getting an increase in cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone and the stress hormone causes your insulin resistance, and then actually cause all that weight to begin to pile on around the belly.

Now, everything isn’t all doom and gloom and there is something that you can actually do about it to help to relieve your symptoms.

Keeping Calm

One thing that you could do is to reduce any stress in your life, now I definitely know this won’t be easy especially if you have a challenging career and home life where the demands on you are so great that you may feel like you’re almost in a mental break down. If this is the case, these types of stress need to be addressed to those who can help you to reduce or eliminate them completely. Get yourself a support system, you cannot take all the burden on your own shoulders. (I’ve personally been there, and had to get professional help.)

But even if your levels of stress are not as severe everyone should at least learn how to channel their emotions and any difficulties in your life, this will help with your stress levels considerably. For me, I use the form of meditation and expressing gratitude. This has helped me immensely in reducing stress.

By reducing my own stress levels and not overreacting to the situation that has caused the stress, I have found that the cause of the stress has considerably reduced. The only way I can explain it as if, the cause was deliberately looking for a reaction, for attention. By removing the reaction and acting in a calm, a rather indifferent manner this then eventually reduced the cause looking for the reaction.

For example, You may have a child, where everyone including their siblings is saying that they are spoilt. However, you may say they have not spoilt the only reason as to why little Jimmy got the ice cream when he asked is because when I said “no not now” to you, you stopped asking and accepted the situation. However, little Jimmy wasn’t going to stop asking and was so annoying that I caved in. You see, Jimmy was looking for that exact reaction. So by not allowing them to action a response, would eventually stop them looking for the reaction.

And you stop the stress… This won’t be easy, but eventually, it does become easier where they change their behaviour.

Another way to reduce your stress levels is by using the herbal medication, acupuncture or exercising moderately. However, for your sake find something that will help you reduce your stress levels.

Sleep hygiene

Constantly feeling tired, can make your stress levels to rise.  Make sure that you are getting your 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep. You may not be getting enough sleep due to having to wake up to visit the bathroom to pee during the night, whether only once or multiple of times, then you really should go and see your doctor about it.

The other reason for waking up could be due to unknowingly or even knowingly snoring. Snoring blocks your airways to close and then jolts your body awake to breathe. If this is the case, go to sleep on your front with your face, facing to the side. This will open up your airways and stop you from snoring.

Both of these causes incontinence and snoring could be due to excess weight, you may find that by losing weight these symptoms that you have may disappear, but if they don’t please go and see the doctor and get it checked out.

Decrease the following

Make sure that you decrease the level of sugar you are consuming during the day, including fructose. By consuming less sugar and fructose will decrease your levels of cortisol and in turn, stop the insulin levels from spiking upwards too.

Increase the following

Just like decreasing your intake of sugar and fructose, you need to increase just slightly the intake of protein and healthy fats. Healthy fats are nuts, seeds, avocado, real butter, and olive oil.
(No vegetable oils and spreads.)

Now that we’ve established the emotional and nutritional root causes to your weight gain during the peripause and menopause. Here is the second cause of your weight gain.


Yes, gaining weight around the middle is caused by the reduction of your metabolism, this naturally decreases every year as we get older. However, as we begin to reach peripausal the symptoms begin to surface a bit at a time, where eventually it seems like overnight wham… The symptoms are so dramatic that it seems that your body shape and fitness levels changed overnight.

How can we resolve this?  Well by introducing some exercises into our lives. Even if you only have the strength to go out for a short walk is a start. Eventually, after doing this for a few months, you’ll have the energy and strength to jog a little too. (make sure you’re wearing a good supporting bra, when you begin to jog, otherwise, those puppies will bounce about and hurt.)

The best method to increase your metabolism is by strength training mainly by adding “High Interval Training” anything that will allow your heart rate to rise and then drop back down. Now, you cannot spot train areas of your body to eliminate the bulge, but by strengthening certain muscles in your abdomen to make your body look so much better as you begin to lose the fat from around your body.  Try to do some crunchies and the plank.

You can try getting your daily exercises by jumping around on an indoor or outdoor trampoline. This is great if you have bad knees, but don’t go full throttle on it if you’ve never done it before.

The other exercise machine that is great is a vibration plate, there are set speeds and you’re either walking or jogging, but you actually only have to stand on the plate. This method of exercising is also great for helping to heal injuries in your legs. There are even exercise DVD’s that you can get for this that help to give you a full-body work out too.

If you’d like to know more about how to lose weight whilst going through the peripause and menopause, then take this quiz and begin your journey to a better life.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer the decision is yours.

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