Reflecting Back At 2019

As I sit here writing, I begin to reflect back At 2019.

I had begun the year with such great optimism and gusto just like the year before that and then I found within commencing January, things began to go the complete opposite direction, and do you know? 2019 didn’t pan out any differently from 2016, 2017 and 2018 either.

Another two years that have past me by with such disappointment that any normal person would just feel dejected and throw in the towel.

With my love life and health looking worse than ever, will eternal bliss, happiness and contentment ever be achieved?

How I coped with the year…

Now that I have declared that the year 2019 has not been very favourable towards me, the question I need to ask myself is how on earth did I cope with the situation.

My truthful and honest answer would be, I didn’t. I didn’t cope or deal with the situation at all. If you were to look at me as a stranger, you would within no shadow of a doubt that you would see a very unhappy, stressed lady. So its no wonder why I didn’t manage to fulfil 2019 with love, happiness, contentment and total bliss.

What could I have done differently…

I may not be able to control everything that gets in the way of my path, but I am in control of my own destiny to a point as long as I’m not in the mercy of others and how they react with me.

Looking back at 2019, yes I could have done a lot of things differently, but living under a shadowed cloud of unhappiness and not being clearly understood by friends and family. Well, it took its toll on me.

Grief strikes everyone differently. Some people stop eating, others overeat. Then there are those who retreat into their shells and then there are others who get very angry and show aggression with unintentional emotional bullying.

Mine was overeating which didn’t feel the void in my heart, but actually fueled the negative emotions within and the more I ate, the worse I felt. Yet I carried on because my self-worth was at its lowest point of a big fat zero.

It’s hard to see from within, but I sure wished that someone who was close to me had given me a wake-up call much sooner. Perhaps, I wasn’t ready to listen and they knew that too.

As a fully trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, you’d think I’d know. Well, I do know. But who actually follows their own advice when they’re so down that they cannot even practise their profession on others, let alone themselves?

I go back to my original question. What could I have done differently?

There are many things that I could have done differently, but I personally wasn’t ready to begin that journey. However, I do know that I don’t want to stay on that same path and I am ready for the healing to begin.

Looking forward to what is coming

It’s Thursday, 1st January 2020. I am not making any New Years resolutions as I don’t want to let myself down.

However, I am promising myself that my mental state of health is going to take priority and just by dealing with one thing. Everything else that has gone wrong for me should follow in the right direction.

What have I learned from the past year

Don’t take anything for granted, and that there is no shame to ask for help or even a shoulder to cry on.

It’s OK to grieve for the ones you love and lost, but they have gone and I’ve been told by a few clairvoyants that the deceased are happy, so stop grieving and live your life.

So this is what I’m actually going to do.

How will I do things differently

From now on, I shall be keeping on track to my healthy eating mainly PBWF but I am human and I won’t beat myself up if I do sneak a little treat in now and again.

Some exercising will creep into my routine, but not before the inflammation on my joints has gone down. I’m sure eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and simple carbs will help me tremendously.

For someone who doesn’t enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I’m actually looking forward to creating lots of different types of meals.

But my main goal is to be happy, healthy, have fun with my family and SMILE…

Types of therapy you may be interested in are:

  • Hypnosis
  • CBD – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Exercise

(I hope you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to share and comment on this post.)

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  1. Not everyone had a very good year last year and people sometimes do not understand that they really need to support others. You see, sometimes what we think is a solution to our problems is not usually it. I thought that listening to some slow songs will help me deal with my problem last year but it only got worse. Towards the end of the year, things changed for me. At the end of the day, we all just want a good year. Nice work!

    • I always feel that listening to slow melancholy songs makes my feelings worse when I’m down.  Uplift your spirit by listening to upbeat music with positive lyrics.  

  2. Thanks for sharing this mind evaluating article about reflecting back at 2019, this is something most of us don’t really do. The importance I can attach to this is that it’ll help you evaluate and observe those aspects where you’ve got some shortcomings and how you can best correct them, it help you improve. Thanks

  3. Wow! Thank God that you are now staying ahead of the pains and you are planning to do more better than before and that is great to see here. I am a big time fan of healing through the pains because only that can make us better. Everyone has gone through one ordeal or the other. So, we must not let it determine who we are. Thanks for sharing this

    • It doesn’t matter how big or small our trials are, the pain we feel inside of us and the healing techniques are the same.  Let’s just cherish the fact that we are able to change and think for ourselves.  It’s what makes us human. 

  4. You’re absolutely right. In fact, you said things I felt this year 2020. At first, I felt happier and then looked at the previous year and said, what makes this year with the formal any different? Have I been able to improve on some certain areas of my life the past year? Can I do any different this year?

    What I believe is how well we address the situation. Are we going to put any effort to deal with the situation this year? I know we humans may sometimes let things slip through our fingers but we can’t get ourselves whooped. 

    Making New Year resolutions without working towards it may not give us the result we want. Just like you, I decided not to make any resolution this year because of the fear of not getting it fulfilled. But yet I know what to do and I’ll give my best towards its achievement.

    I know we may not be able to control things, yet, we can at least shape our future, control our destiny. I think we should forget about our bad experiences, what bugged us last year and look at how well we could make this year exceptional.

    Thank you for this article.

    • So true Kell, I could have gone on and on writing this article but then I wouldn’t have posted it to go live.  Thank you so much for your feedback.  Please stay in touch. 

  5. 2019 has been a pretty rough year albeit productive. I could feel my stamina draining for the past 12 months as I try to juggle with a busy professional life and getting my online business off the grown. It’s much more difficult than I thought and many times, I just feel like giving up. 

    Recently, I listened to an audiobook called Stress Less, Accomplish More and found some insightful information on how I could become more productive without stretching myself thin. Meditation is something very foreign to me, but I am willing to give it a try, if it means I could have a healthier mind and body for 2020 to push forward my goals.

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