The Art Of Positive Thinking

The Origin of Positive Thinking

Were you aware that “Positive Thinking” comes from the method of “Self-Talk?”

When we talk to ourselves, we’re actually re-connecting to self, learning about ourselves and learning how to deal with matters that are in conflict with our minds. Learning to trust ourselves is key to our own survival.

By self-talking to ourselves, we are learning to change our own behaviors and become more accepting of things around us. We become more alert, energized and even enthusiastic. Self-Talk also aids us to heal our mind, body and soul. Developing self-belief and confidence too.

By self-talking we also become better more productive in our work life, sports, having better personal and social relationships with others. Our negative thoughts come from our past so by self-talk we begin to learn from our past history, where our ideas and thoughts came from, without this knowing of history you don’t really have a chance of learning new habits and behaviors as the old ones will keep creeping back in to your life.

They say that it takes at least 21 days to form a habit, but have you ever noticed that even though you’ve completed the 21 days you can still go back to the old ways. This is because you’ve not dealt with your past history and learned no to do it as you don’t know why you do it, you then cannot stop.

With all the benefits there are in self-talking, we should definitely be doing more of it and ignore the naysayers when they say stop it as it is your best friend consoling, offering advice and comforting you in your time of need.

It sure is far cheaper than going for therapy. As myself being a fully trained “Clinical Hypnotherapist” I can definitely vouch for this.

Positive Thinking – Self-Talk vs Mental Illness

Self-talks use positive thinking to boost their morale and confidence. In older times self-talk was seen to be a form of mental illness, yet with new discoveries and technology evolving over the years it has clearly shown that self-talk is actually a healing process of the mind.

People use self-talk and positive thinking in different forms to help them heal. Some use self-talk through writing, others use it in the written form in expressing their feelings, emotions, wants and desires. By writing them down on paper and reviewing the end article they would then find the answers to the problem.

There are some who would call this the “Power of Positive Affirmations and “Positive Thinking”.

As a hypnotherapist, I can honestly say that this is not a quick fix method to healing as you need your conscious and subconscious mind to work together for a quicker resolution and this is only managed under hypnosis and only with a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

However, self-talk can relieve stress and be very encouraging for you. When self-talking you’re able to find relief and the feelings of confidence in the mind which then rewards you with positive thoughts and the feeling of contentment.

How Self-Talk And Positive Thinking Can Help You

Self-talk can help you in the verbal and written form, by brainstorming your mind so that you’re able to explore the minds thoughts, ideas and history. You’ll then be able to find answers to your problems and even new ideas on how to tackle your problems and even come up with new ideas that you’ve never even thought of doing before.

How To Uncover Your Mind Ailments

To begin with, start thinking of what you want as an outcome. We want to be able to have an achievable outcome to your conflict. Do not have un-achievable high goals for yourself as this will just lead to failure and set you right back to the beginning.

The Method

We’re beginning with baby steps here.

You will need to have the following structure

  • Beginning – set yourself limits, arrange how you’ll start, where and when
  • Middle – what will happen and how will you feel during and if appropriate where
  • End – the outcome of your accomplishment and how will you feel, where are you and is anyone with you and how are they towards you.

When you’re going through each of these steps, you must give yourself time to explore the history of your thoughts. Where did they come from, were they given to you by someone, are they passed down via the generation, was it a fright that you had.

Our minds work in pictures and whilst doing this and recalling back history you will find that your face may twitch a bit, eyelid flutter and a smirk on your face and at times even cry. These are all natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, it’s called “an ab reaction.”

I will point out here and now that you’re NOT to move onto the next step until you have resolved the first one, by fully understanding how you’ve come to this conclusion. When you’ve fully understood this, then you may move on to the next step.


I would highly suggest that this is performed every day until the pain that you have lessened and become nonexistent. To the point that you are so fed up talking about the problem/issues.

Once you achieve this point – viola you’ve done it!

Your next step is to make sure that you have support and someone that you’re able to talk to in a crisis. Everyone needs someone to talk to and have them listen to you without passing judgment and ill advice. Build a good relationship with someone you have a rapport with, someone to trust.

Now you have gotten this far, you’re next step is make sure that you’re able to switch any negative thoughts to positive ones as soon as the negativity pops his little rotten head out.

Self-talk works for any topic you can think of that is bothering you. So why not go and give it a try next time you’re feeling a bit pete tong and if you feel that you need proper help then go and find a good reputable therapist who can help you.




Under no circumstances are you to take my opinion before seeing a doctor first.  If you feel suicidal or suffering more than just a little stress, you must go and visit your doctor.  The advice given here is advice only and I cannot guarantee your outcome or success, we’re all different and have different needs and without seeing you in person I’m unable and will not make a formal clinical hypnotherapist opinion.




  1. I do believe in positive thinking and self talk. However, I find that maintaining it is a hard task. How do you suggest I should stick to this positive thinking? I also heard that it takes 21 days for us to change the habit and that is true but I also found that the support system is also vital since that person can help you stay on track. I used to write about positive things about me before I go to bed. It fell through because of work and life but I will give it a try again for at least 21 days and will see the result. Thanks for such an informative post!

    • I feel your frustrations, but to be honest the self-talk/positive thinking is an ongoing thing.  We do it without even realizing. But doing it as a conscious decision, then you must set time away from your busy schedule and commit to it.  Good luck to you along your journey. 

  2. Thanks for sharing your article. Self-talk is something we do every day, even about small stuff like, for example, asking yourself, “what am I going to eat now?” or “what should I wear today?” I agree that this is an entirely natural method that can be used to overcome many adversities in life. How long it takes on average to make a shift from thinking about a problem to entertaining healthy ideas?

    • Ivan, it all depends.  As I said in the article it can take up to 21 days to form new habits but if you don’t learn to rid yourself of the old ones then the new ones won’t work for you.  These must be done together with the conscious and subconscious mind working together which can only be done under hypnotherapy.  If you try to do it without hypnosis then it can take months with conventional therapy.

  3. Simplicity and truth is very domineering in this post. In our world of bitterness, the least one can do is try to stay away from any vibe or bad energy that would drain you. It’s normal for sad moments to come, but it’s expected of us to learn to tackle these situations and not let them ruin our minds and hearts. In difficult times I always get someone to talk to about the hardship and from doing it I find myself being lifted from that bad mood. Yes there are those who are happy to see you sad, but there is always someone around you can talk to a sibling, even ones parent. It would go along way to help you out. Best regards.

  4. Very interesting one you have shared here. How well self talk could help with having the right positivity towards things is really great to see. Though I didn’t know it serves as the basis for our positive thinking and performance but then, I know it is a great method to keep the ball rolling when we are having a down moment. We should just have a normal talk with ourselves to boost the morale. This is simply awesome

  5. This is a fascinating post and one that made me think of the benefits that ‘Positive thinking’ can have. It was interesting, as I was reading through the beginning it was making me think of the times where I have used writing as a release. Then you talked about it.

    I have found that writing in a number of forms can be cathartic. When we try and fathom things out in our heads, without a plan, we can get lost as our thoughts have a way of going off in all different directions. I find that when I write there is more structure and as I can see the words, they can act as a guide. Sometimes when I stop and read back through what I have written it is as though it was by anothers hand.

    Certainly something we should all try when we need to resolve some of the internal quandries we might have.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.  I agree writing can be rather cathartic at times, but I must be honest I can go off on a tangent when I don’t have a structured plan to follow. 

  6. Nothing pays better than to have a positive thing because even in the face of troubles and tribulations, the confidence would still be there and restored that nothing could actually go wrong. Though I never knew that self talks led to positive thinking but then, you have simplified the whole thing and I understand better now. Like I stated, the post here was worth reading and also worth sharing.

  7. I have been working on positive self-talk for some time now. It is amazing how when you change your thinking and focus on positive things a person’s attitude completely changes. And it seems to also attract the right kind of situations as well. As in the past, I sadly think I brought negativing on myself.

    One thing that I did notice is that sometimes negative self-talk creeps in. Meaning, I realize that I am putting myself down for some reason. I’ll say something to myself like, “You are such an idiot”. When this happens. I stop and ask myself the question, “Is that true?”. Then I remind myself that I am an amazing woman and I get back on track with the positive thinking self-talk. It seems to work for me. It’s about constantly being aware. And giving myself a break. Really it is about loving one self. 

    • I love what you have written here Wendy.  It is so true, we must all begin to love and be kind ourselves and when that negativity creeps in, stop it before it even gets a chance to embed itself.  Thank you for sharing. 

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