The Benefits of Yoga For Muscle Pain

What are the benefits of yoga when someone has muscle pain?

Yoga class in a studio

Older people doing yoga

The benefits of doing yoga for muscle pain are immense, especially in the older generation who find it tremendously difficult to move around.

Yoga is the type of exercise that is usually recommended for someone who has aching, tired and painful muscles and joints.  Muscle pain releases toxins and other toxins (like pain killers) that cause muscle pain.

Gentle stretching and yoga are generally recommended by health practitioners; especially pain sufferers who were treated with cortisone for the pain and are suffering from inflammation due to the pain.

One of the reasons that yoga is beneficial is because it helps an individual to find the inner strength to keep moving on with life and at the same time helps with pain relief.

I suggest that you do a few sessions of daily yoga but remember to take the pain from your muscles. Always remember to breathe before you move your muscles.


When you do a few sessions of yoga you will be able to begin to find the balance between yourself and the painful pain points. This will help to release all the toxins that are blocking the flow of energy to your muscles.  Toxins are what create pain and inflammation.

The benefits of yoga go further than this; you will also find a balance with your:

mind, body, and spirit.

You could find yourself becoming happy and relaxed as you allow all the toxins to leave your body.

You’d probably find that you have increased

  • your energy,
  • found peace in your body,
  • and a feeling more sensitive to touch than normal         

To do a few sessions of yoga would be a good idea as it is a time to find your inner strength and balance; which will help you to find a solution to your pain. As your pain is releasing and your muscles are developing you will find you will feel more confident in your ability to move your muscles.

Finding the Balance

To find the balance between the pain and the muscles, think about this. Do you find your pain increases if you overwork or exercise your muscles? Do you feel more pain if you do not rest properly?

The answer to this question is yes, and no, as some pain is OK if you do not overdo your exercises. So if you are going to do a few sessions of yoga, ensure you do your exercises regularly as your muscles need to rebuild and recover.

Do not overdo your exercises or you will feel the pain.

Another thing to remember is to keep your breathing regular. Many of us find it easier to work out with regular breathing as this helps to work out the body and also relaxes you. When you breathe regularly, it will also prevent any pain from escaping your sessions of yoga. Again, try to find some breathing exercises which will help you to relieve your tension.

What Age Should You Start

Doing Yoga

It is never too soon to start yoga to relax and flex your muscles, particularly the muscles of the spine and lower back, legs, and buttocks. There are many exercises that help to work out your legs, lower back, buttocks, upper trunk, and arms.

A session of stretching is also a great way to relax your muscles, especially the upper trunk and the back muscles. Another important factor when you start your sessions is to do some stretches on the floor.  As many muscles in the lower back can be stretched freely if you work these areas regularly.

When you have a few sessions under your belt, your muscles will be more flexible and they will also feel stronger and more stable. As you work out, you will find that your muscles will become more sensitive to touch.

This will help you to find your balance and will help you to work out your muscles in an even way.

Yoga to relieve muscle pain

Another Cause of Muscle Pain In Older Age

Finally, another cause of muscle pain during the aging process is caused by menopause and that is the dreaded weight gain.  This can be so difficult to remove as your hormones are not as plentiful as they once were.  However, you may want to check out this article that I wrote.



  1. Hello,  I have heard of using Yoga for muscle pain before.  Never actually tried it but I do believe that movement, at last, is essential for blood and energy flow so definitely think this is something to consider.  There is also the meditation aspect of yoga as well and that I know can help the body repair itself.  If the muscle pain is caused by inflammation I think this definitely can help.

    • It is so important to move and not stay still just because it hurts so much.  Sitting or lying down for long-term relief helps nobody in the long run.  Muscle wastage occurs, but it also affects your major organs too.  Being active is key to pain relief as there is normally an underlying condition as to why there is pain, to begin with.  It doesn’t appear for no reason.  

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